Happy Halloween, ya’ll! This year instead of celebrating like I normally do, I spent nearly the entire weekend in the kitchen. What started out with some butternut squash ravioli on Friday night, was followed by home made apple butter in jars, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cinnamon rolls over night and into the morning, ginger snaps. With a few oatmeal cookies tossed in by Stu. Of course in the midst of all of my stove-opening-and-closing and pot-stirring was some good old fashioned Jack O’Lantern carving.

Last weekend I dragged Stu and his bee-hind to Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA. This was a good idea in theory, but the place was packed. After waiting in line for apple donuts and fighting through crowds to pick out the best pumpkins, we ended up spending way too much money on three pumpkins. However, I am pretty determined to make these suckers go for as long as possible and get all I can out of ’em.

Two awesome pumpkins joined the ranks of our gourds from our CSA and my Happy Fall pumpkin from my Aunt Angela when she came to visit. These guys were perfect for carving and their seeds went to great use.

This beaut is a Fairytale Pumpkin. Aside from looking awesome, it’s particularly great for eating and has a sweet flesh that’s perfect for cooking and baking. If I can ever bare to party with it (pumpkins are appropriate decorations for Thanksgiving, too!), it will be cut open and the flesh will be made into a pumpkin puree for a pie, and if there’s enough hopefully for a mousse or maybe even a pumpkin soup. I’ve finally finished off my 28oz. can of pumpkin puree, so I’m excited to use real pumpkin in my next few recipes. Hopefully I can get a few more in before November ends and Christmas season approaches. That is, if I’m not entirely sick of pumpkin by then.

Happy Halloween!