Last week I was away in Connecticut for the weekend, so Stu was again in charge of our CSA pickup. Upon my return I was greeted with an abundance of early Fall vegetables. Instead of bright berries and leafy greens, our share consisted of bright oranges, reds, and browns.

More Sweet Potatoes!

Asian Pears

Bok Choy

Butternut Squash

DiBruno Brother’s Cheese Spread

The newer sweet potatoes were made into oven-baked fries, tossed with some olive oil, brown sugar, and chopped rosemary. Delish! The bok choy was use for a sesame chicken dish from Real Simple, which was just OK. The Asian pears have been used as snack food, but will be combined with the butternut squash for a great soup that I’ll be making this week. The cheese spread has been smeared all over crackers and eaten as a snack along with some yummy MacIntosh apples from Connecticut.

We also received a salad mix, which went bad faster than I was able to use it. Heirloom tomatoes, that I’m still waiting to use, green beans that I’m trying to figure out what to do with, and yellow peaches, which I’ve been eating all week. We received a ton of  produce this week. Autumn really is the harvest season. Can’t wait to put even more of this good stuff to use!