Last week our CSA had a very special event on a Thursday pick-up evening as opposed to Saturday. The Food Network came on Thursday to shoot a segment for a show on America’s Farm Stands. It’s pretty exciting that they chose Greensgrow, because there are so many wonderful farm stands and farmer’s market in the city.

We went on Thursday to pick up our share and to scope out the film crews, but they had already left. Unfortunately we work until about 5:30 and didn’t get there until filming was done and over with. However, it was a busy night and the farm was very alive and vibrant.

In our share this week we got:


Sweet Frying Peppers
(we had more but used them for a taco dish)

Shiro Plums- so good!

Sweet Potatoes

We also received a watermelon, which I waited too long to cut open and just juiced it to make it into watermelon juice, mmm. As well as some baby spinach, more beets, and Amish Swiss cheese from Lancaster. I’ve been busy putting all of my produce to use, so check back for more seasonal recipes soon!