My apologies, I forgot to post our CSA share for Week 6. This was probably because I didn’t pick it up, Stu did. I was at the lovely Jersey Shore for the day so Stu was on duty.

He brought home:

A giant head of cabbage that lasted way longer than it should have. From that we made multiple coleslaw salads and some spring rolls. More on that another time.
Kale and Red, White, and Blue potatoes that were featured in the previous recipe of Kale, Sausage, and Potato Sautee
Spinach, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Zucchini which got cooked up and featured in a vegetable-based summer pasta
Nectarines which were delicious. They were eaten as snacks and then used for a Nectarine, Prosciutto, and Blue Cheese grilled pizza that turned out disastrous. Whoops.
A cantelope that we waited too long to chop open and leaked all over our table. Sad.
Basil, and fresh mozzarella from Mancuso’s Cheese Shop on Passyunk Ave. So good. Multiple uses until it was gone. Lots of snacking.

This past week however, was a pretty good one. We received:

Bell Peppers and “All You Can Eat” Hot Peppers, Long Hots and Pablanos

Two bunches of Golden Beets, thanks to the Swap Box

Golden Zucchini and Heirloom Tomatoes

Niagra White Grapes

We also received some yellow onions, a giant watermelon (yes!), and Herdsman Cheddar Style Cheese from Cherry Grove Farms in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania. We were offered Collard Greens in the share this week, but I think they are limiting in how you can eat them- sauteed as a side dish. There were an extra bunch of Golden Beets in the Swap Box so I went for it. Beets are versatile, fun to cook with and learn about, and last much longer than greens. I’ll be putting them to use over the next week or so.

We also received some awesome news from our CSA this week. The Food Network is filming a series on farm stands across America. They have selected Greensgrow Farms as one of the Philly-based farm stands, and will be shooting a segment on Thursday, September 2nd. It was very kind of our CSA to allow Saturday pick-ups to receive their shares on this particular Thursday evening. We’ll be able to pick up that night and watch or maybe even be a part of the segment. How very exciting. Stay tuned for all of the details!