Cucumbers are one of those vegetables that once they start growing, they really don’t stop until the season is over. Lucky for me, since I am a huge cuke fan. They are great chopped up in salads, sliced as toppings for sandwiches and burgers, and dipped in hummus or Greek yogurt- cucumber dill anyone?

The best thing that they’re good for, though, is cucumber gimlets. I’ve gotten really into Gin lately and I don’t know why it took me so long. It’s very versatile and can be combine with sweet fruits like berries or lemonade, or can be paired with vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes. This recipe, from Crumpets and Cakes, pairs cucumbers and lime, an excellent combination.

It is a bit of a time-consuming drink and after making two batches, I’d figured it would probably be easier if I just throw the cucumber in the juicer. I haven’t done it yet, but next time for sure. Also, the Simple Syrup is kind of a lot, so I cut back on the second batch and added about half. Topped off with a bit of club soda, or tonic water if you prefer, and this is an incredibly refreshing summer drink.

Cucumber Gimlets
(makes one drink)
11/2 limes, squeezed
1/2 cucumber, seeded, chopped (about 1c, enough for 2 drinks)
2 oz gin
11/2 oz simple syrup
ice cubes

Slice four 1/4-inch-thick slices of  cucumber and set aside for garnish. Peel, seed and coarsely chop cucumber; transfer to food processor, squeeze juice from 1/2 lime over cucumbers and purée until smooth. (You can muddle cucumbers if you prefer but using food processor will save you time.)

Pour the cucumber puree through fine mesh strainer set over small bowl. Mix gin, cucumber juice, lime juice, and simple syrup; pour over ice in an old fashioned glass, mix well. Serve garnished with lime and cucumber slices.You can adjust amounts of lime juice and simple syrup to your liking.

We enjoyed these while watching Mad Men for the last two weeks. I thought that was fairly appropriate. Bottoms up!