For a while now, Stu and I have been fascinated with the idea of chalkboard paint. My sister has one of her bedroom walls painted with it, and since then I’ve started to notice it in a lot of bars and restaurants. We’ve been tossing around the idea of adding it to our apartment, specifically in the kitchen.

Shortly after our trip to Chicago we got to work. At only $10.00 for a small can, we were able to paint one wall of our kitchen, which was just enough to give it a teeny face lift, and add a little more personality. Most of my kitchen is a weird yellowy tan, including the laminate counter-top and crappy wood cabinets.

Within a few hours the paint was dry, and within a few days we could put it to use. We decided to go with a food theme. I’ve used some space to list my nightly meal plans for the week, and Stu has used a portion to list the beers and spirits we have in our fridge- usually not much. Then there is a little extra room for whatever we feel like putting up there. We’ve only had it a few weeks now, but I am very pleased.