You may have noticed a little re-vamp to the blog. I was getting a bit tired of the floral and decided it was time for a new look. I’ve been sharing the blog with friends and family members a lot more than I did when I originally started the whole concept. I’m getting more comfortable with what I’m cooking, the new recipes that I’m trying, and the photography. I think it’s important to have a blog theme to match. I think this new look is a bit more stream-lined than the previous look and it focuses a bit more on the photos and recipes, rather than the ornate background.

A big thanks to Stuart for helping me with the banner. I’d been thinking about what I’d like for my header and it was very important to me that a recipe box was included. One of the main inspirations for this blog was my mom’s recipe box that I brought to Philadelphia with me after moving out of my house in Connecticut. Although my mom was not the best cook, she loved to bake and had a special talent for it. She often whipped of wonderful cakes for our birthdays that she topped with special home made frosting, a recipe from a friend who made wedding cakes. Included in the recipe box are recipes for pie crusts, quick breads, muffins, and Christmas cookies, as well as ideas for dinners, appetizers, and salads. Tossed in here and there are old grocery lists for special occasions or just for a regular week of dinners. After my mother passed, I took comfort in skimming through the recipe cards, one at a time (hence the title of this blog), looking over my mom’s handwriting and reminiscing about my favorite baked goods that my mom had made over the years.

I am really proud of how far I have come along in the kitchen since I started blogging over a year ago and I think my mom would be, too. And I am also really proud of the progress that I’ve made here on One Recipe At a Time. Please continue to keep following, posting, and spreading the love in the kitchen and elsewhere!

Also, checkout Stu’s other work on his website:

Keep on cooking!