This is a much delayed post on our CSA pick up from two weeks ago. We were a little worried that our produce would be effected by all of the intense heat that we’d been having, and ironically, it poured all day on Saturday. I had to take off my shoes and wade ankle-deep in puddles to grab all of the corn, zucchini, eggplant, and apricots I could grab.

Because of our trip, we ended up giving a bit of our produce away to Stu’s parents. Even what we did keep we didn’t use enough of and I still have some left overs on top of what we’ll pick up this weekend. But I was able to use some of the fruits and vegetables that we received.


Peaches and Blueberries



Golden Beets

We also got a six ears of corn, three zucchini, three green peppers, and delicious cheddar cheese.

I immediately made a peach, apricot and blueberry cobbler. I will most definitely share that soon. I used the zucchini to make chocolate chip zucchini bread from a recipe that I found on All Recipes.  The pickles came on our road trip to Chicago as a snack, and so did the cheese but we never got around to eating it. I gave Stu’s family some of the corn and green peppers. And I’m still waiting to use the golden beets and eggplant.  Stay tuned for healthy CSA recipes!