This past week it’s been incredibly hot. I’m sure this is news to exactly no one. When we put up with the heat long enough to eat in it was essential that the oven was not involved and that it was  a quick and easy meal. I had plans to make a Linguine with Kale and Sausage dish, but Stu nay-say’d it due to all of the steam that pasta gives off while cooking. After a little bit of convincing, I decided to give in and let him whip up his own rendition of a sausage and kale sandwich.

We had some sausage brats leftover from our cookout. I selected a sweet one and Stu a hot. He got to work cooking up the brats along with some peppers and onions. I sauteed the kale with some garlic.

I have to hand it to him. Stick that sausage on a potato roll and nothing can go wrong. It was much easier, and more heat-friendly than making the sausage and kale linguine. I’m sure we will see more kale this summer, and there is always room for sausage!