Our second week of our CSA share from Greensgrow Farms came in this week. It has been two weeks since our last pick up, but it seems like a lot longer.  I still have a few vegetables hanging out from last pick-up; some  zucchini, asparagus, and romaine. The romaine went bad pretty fast, but the zuch’s and asparagus are still hanging on. I found a great recipe to use up the zucchini, which I’ll share in my next post.

It’s definitely clear that we are getting closer to summer. This week’s share had a bit more produce than the previous pick-up, and a little wider variety.

In this weeks share we got:

Sugar Snap Peas

One pound of Cremini Mushrooms


Natural Garlic Cheddar Cheese

We also got some green beans, strawberries, and yellow squash. I’ve already used some of the green beans and mushrooms. And I’ve got some pasta primavera and a stir fry planned for the rest of the veggies. For the cheese? I can’t wait to lay it on or stuff it in some burgers! Hopefully all of this food will keep me busy for the next two weeks and won’t spoil before our next pick-up!