Back in the winter time I was struggling with what to make for dinner each night and how to use seasonal produce. I was in a bit of a kitchen funk, and I needed something to revitalize my love for food; to inspire me to get cooking and baking in more creative ways.

I did some reasearch on food co-ops and CSA’s, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. I had been hearing a lot about Greensgrow Farm, which is located in the Fishtown/Kensington section of Philadelphia. It’s pretty conveniently located to our apartment in South Philly, and it has a wide selection of produce, as well as dairy and vegan products that are available in each share option. Stu and I discussed the program, and decided to try it out.

We decided on a half-share, which is more cost-effective and easier for first time share-holders, because you pick up your produce every-other week. We also knew that we’d be out of town for a few weekends in the summer, and didn’t want to worry about having too much produce to use.

Our first pick-up was on May 28th. We got to pick up the first of Spring’s vegetables as well as some cheese and yogurt.  There is also the opportunity to shop for extra produce that the farm didn’t have enough quantity of to give to all share-members. I grabbed some rhubarb! There is a seperate section where share-members, as well as the public can shop for free-range meat, coffee, raw milk, honey,  and jams, jellies, and preserves. We held off this week until we are a little more into the swing of the CSA thing.

Here’s what we picked up last week:


Kale, Romaine Heads, Asparagus, Green Onions, Zucchini, and Organic Yogurt


I found some interesting ways to incorporate most of these vegetables into weekly meals. I used the romaine for a fresh salad, grilled the zucchini and some crusty Italian bread and topped with ricotta cheese and fresh ground pepper, made a goat cheese and green onion omlette, served the strawberries over my cereal each morning, and used the radishes in a risotto which I will post more on later. I still have some kale, zucchini, and the yogurt left over and I’m still deciding what to do. Keep checking back for more CSA related posts and recipes!