I realize that since the seasons changed from warm sunny days full of fresh food and farmer’s markets to cold blustery evenings filled with chili, followed by soup, followed by roasted vegetables.

It was about this time last year that I started this blog and at the time, I was continously thrilled by the abundance of fresh food that I could find around my neighborhood. I was determined to try out new produce that I had never used and in some cases, never even heard of.

I guess you could say that I’ve been hibernating since the Winter, but now I’m back with a vengeance. The Head House Farmer’s Market is up and running again, and Stu and I even joined a CSA through Greensgrow Farms. Although I’m not going to grow herbs and vegetables from seeds this year, I plan on purchasing some seedlings from the farmer’s markets or maybe just Home Depot. But needless to say, my time of year is here. Spring is my season and I’m ready for action. Expect many more posts full of flavorful and fresh ingredients. Follow along in the upcoming weeks as I explore the farmer’s markets, try out new recipes and perfect old ones.  Also, notice the improvement in photo quality, as I have invested in a higher-performing camera so that my blog is a little more visually pleasing.  Stay tuned, friends!