Recently I took some time to really dedicate myself to looking through my cookbooks. I spent a whole evening in perusing through Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything and Martha Stewart Living Cookbook. They are both massive, and they do have a lot of the same recipes, but I enjoyed looking through all of the opportunities that lay ahead. Both of these books will get me through most of my life, if not for the rest of it.

While looking through I picked up on a handful of spices that I don’t have in my collection. With an addition of a great magnetic spice rack to our kitchen, I have been really interested on buying spices just to have them on hand.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Last weekend I was in the Italian Market and I knew just the right place to head to. The Spice Corner, located right at the corner of 9th and Christian, has anything you could possible want in the world of spices, and it’s extremely affordable! I went in search of some mustard seeds for my chicken curry recipe below, but ended up with some Cardamom, Mild Curry Powder, a full nutmeg, and some chrystalized ginger, all for under 8 dollars! If I had known as I was walking around the store that it was so affordable, I would have stocked up on much more. The place also has pure vanilla beans for like $5 a pop, cinnamon sticks for $2.50 a bunch, and a ton of coffee and tea, dried fruits, extracts, and various candies and snacks. It’s paradise!

Later in the week, I ended up at Reading Terminal Market at the Spice Terminal. I was looking for some quinoa but ended up grabbing some pickling spices for $2.50 as well as some ground coriander for $1.95. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do with them right at this time, but I’m glad that I’ll have them on hand for the next time I come across a recipe that calls for them. I’m used to spending at least $5.00 on harder to find/higher end spices at the grocery store. What a rip off! It is totally worth the trip to either of Philadelphia’s most acclaimed public markets.