So for Thanksgiving this year, among many things, I was directed to be in charge of making a soup. Preferably a squash/pumpkin flavor. I am to make this soup in Philadelphia this week, transfer it into tupperware containers, and drive it up to Connecticut, to be enjoyed by my family on Thursday afternoon.

This in itself is quite a feat to accomplish with all of the other general craziness that is happening in my life these days. But my biggest challenge for now, is deciding what soup I should make.

I have three recipes to choose from. The first is:

Roasted Pear and Butternut Squash Soup with Crumbled Stilton
As seen in this post here from a few weeks ago.

Apple and Squash Bisque
Found here and given to me from my friend Nichole, who made it a few weeks ago.

Cream of Winter Squash Soup
I found this recipe on, which is quickly turning into one of my favorite websites.


I am mostly leaning toward the last soup, as I have alot of tomatoes in my house right now that I need to get rid of before I am gone for four days over Thanksgiving break. The recipe calls for canned diced tomatoes, but I always favor fresh tomatoes diced, its much more flavorful and gives it a less saucey taste.


Please post with your votes and help me decide by tomorrow night!!!