So my birthday is swiftly approaching, (this Thursday!) and I have already started to receive a slow trickle of gifts from close friends and family. A lovely pendant from my sister, a wine rack and an awesome bottle of wine from my dad, and another really neat pendant/necklace from a close friend.

Of course, one of the highlights of my gifts thus far is a cookbook! I love acquiring new and interesting cookbooks. While comprehensive ones are the most useful, I am always interested in the less well known ones such as my 5 A Day Cookbook or my Caring for Cancer cookbook. Both have very unique, yet easy and comprehensive recipes.

My good friend Kristine knows me all too well and killed two birds with one stone by getting me a cookbook that incorporates eating seasonal and locally! She gave me “Eating Well In Season: The Farmer’s Market Cookbook.” This book takes you step by step through the seasons of the year and highlights what produce is fresh when and how to utilize it. It also lists little facts like nutritional information and tips on where to find or how to prepare each fruit or veggie. It also has a section on America’s Best Farmer’s Markets, a section on how to eat by color, and a Meet the Farmer piece. How exciting!

Eating Well In Season

Eating Well In Season

I can’t wait to dive into this book and take advantage of the yummy summer recipes with the few weeks we have left to enjoy the August produce. I am also a little bit (just a little bit) looking forward to the Fall produce and getting down with some squash and potatoes. Maybe even some cranberries and apples…we shall see.