The weather has been really wonderful lately. Very warm and sunny and low humidity. The perfect weather for lazying about on a weekend afternoon. This Sunday I joined Stu and his mom for an afternoon in the backyard. Stu’s mom whipped up some grilled peaches and shared her technique with me. Stu busied himself with some delicious mojito’s.

Grilled Peaches

Grilled Peaches

Cut peaches in half and remove the pit, making sure there remains the little “scoop” where the pit once was.  Mix together melted butter and brown sugar, and honey if you please. Pour the mixture into the peach scoop.

Place on the grill skin side down. Slow cook until grill marks appear on one side, then flip, brushing the brown sugar marinade on the opposite side. Keep turning until cooked.

Here is another version of the same recipe, except using nectarines, on a blog called Cook to Bang, which is hilarious, entertaining, and chock full of great recipes.

For the mojitos, Stu used this recipe. We changed a few things based on what was on hand, substituting Simple Syrup for powdered sugar. (You can also use superfine sugar.)  The first batch was a little more lime-flavored as opposed to mint, but he definitely got it right the second time around, and I was more than happy to sample both.

It was a perfect way to end the weekend and ease into a Sunday night. I think we’ll make this more of a habit throughout the remainder of the summer. Hmm.