It seems like food and travel writers can’t get enough of the Philly Food Scene lately, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. I’ve been closely following all of the local Philadelphia food press since I moved down here in January, and I love that we are finally getting some national and international attention.

Thought I’d share the links to a few of the recent travel articles published about Philadelphia lately, specifically highlighting the foodstops.

The New York Times Travel Section in May did a piece on 36 Hours In Philadelphia, which highlights some of my favorite spots including the 9th Street Italian Market, which is a short trot from my apartment. Also makes me even more excited to check out Sabrina’s Cafe,  Time, and Chifa.

Be sure to check out the 2006 story on “36 Hours” to see how far we’ve come from the roast pork, vegan hoagie, and cheese steak food spots from back when. Sure, we still love a good sammich, but we’ve clearly broadened our spectrum on good eats.

Not too soon after, GQ’s Alan Richman did a story on Top 25 Pizzas in the United States, and not one, but two Philly locations made the list. As many others have previously stated Philly is not normally recognized for it’s pizzas. But Tacconelli’s Pizza in the Northeast and Osteria on N. Broad both made the cut! Shout out to Chef Michaud at Osteria, who we will be watching toss pizza pies at a demonstration at Foster’s Homewares at the end of this month!

This past weekend, the UK decided to get in on the fun, with The Guardian’s Joshua Stein covering the City’s food scene and proving that “there’s more to Philly than the cheese steak.” The article, “Cream of Philadephia,” highlights my favorite spots such as Redding Terminal Market and  Johnny Brenda’s, and talks about recent Jose Garces hot spot Distrito and some Vietnamese spots that aren’t too far from my neighborhood.

And finally, which I think is the cream of the crop, Bon Appetit Magazine did a travel story on our city in the upcoming July issue. Check out City Paper’s blurb about it and notice more Johnny Brenda’s, some South Philly Taproom, and Franklin Fountain, all of which I’ve mentioned in recent posts.

Also, one quick mention that PETA just voted Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park as the #1 veg-friendly ballpark in the country- for the THIRD year in a row! We are the first park to ever do this triple-headed!

Way to go P-H-L!