I would like to take this post to give a major props to a new coffee shop/beer distributer in South Philly.

“Brew” recently opened last week in the Newbold section of Philadelphia, which is an up-and-coming neighborhood that I believe will one day soon rival Passyunk Square. Brew is owned and operated by the same genius who opened up the South Philly Tap Room, which is my favorite neighborhood watering hole.

While patrons still anxiously awaiting the opening of the beer distribution section (liquor liscence is pending, but in process), it gives  plenty of time to focus on the boutique-esque coffee experience that  is “Ultimo.” Named after head brewer Aaron Ultimo, who is one of the most educated individuals on the subject of coffee I have ever met,Ultimo serves up gourmet coffee at an affordable price. I took some time to ask Aaron for some suggestions from the Brew Bar this morning and was in awe listening to him speak of the citrus, blueberry, and chocolaty aromas and flavors that are present in each selection. Aaron also filled me in on the process of coffee production in Ethiopia and how recent laws may not allow the exporting of Ethiopian coffee next year. I could listen to this guy ramble on about beans, coffee trading, and the hand-poured brewing process forever. And I thought it was only beer-enthusiasts who were so involved in the brew-process.

I tried the Idido Misty Valley, the Ethiopian selection, with traces of chocolate, strawberries, and blueberries. Truly a delicious treat on a humid Friday morning.

Check out City Paper’s first look review of Brew.

Though I live within a block’s distance from two very decent coffee shops on Passyunk Ave., I definitely think that I will be making the longer walk across Broad Street to Brew on a weekly basis. If not more frequently.

Congratulations Newbold, you are one step closer to becoming South Philly’s next best thing.