This was a relatively boring week food-wise to start blogging. Not to mention that my camera is broken, so even if I did have something delicious to share, I’d only be able to describe it with words, leaving you hungry for more.

Today I was looking forward to hitting up the “Fountain” Farmers Market, in Passyunk Square at 11th and Tasker. I walked over to the Fountain only to find that there was no Market, though the Fountain was blaring “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, to which I could not resist a smile.  My disappointment continued with another short walk to the highly anticipated Capogiro gelateria which was slated to open “As early as Tuesday, May 12th.” Well It’s May 13th and the doors are still covered in brown paper. I am salty!

Instead I settled for a delicious taco/tosastado dinner with lemon marinated shredded chicken, avocado soup, and zesty home-made salsa with some cilantro that I picked up from the Head House Square Farmer’s Market last Sunday.

I’ll be out of town in Connecticut this weekend on some Pasta business (fund-raising pasta, the good kind) so I won’t have a chance to hit up the farmer’s market or even the Italian Market for produce. I also have to use up everything I bought on Sunday before  it goes rotten. (See: radishes, asparagus.)

In the meantime, City Paper is launching it’s DISH issue tomorrow. Yes!